Amelia's Journal is an interactive story for expecting parents, inspired and created from a collection of real life experiences as told by first time parents.

Chapter One sees Amelia and her boyfriend Ryan start their pregnancy journal at the doctors surgery, where they discover Amelia is three weeks pregnant. The following four chapters cover the rollercoaster journey through pregnancy as told by young parents themselves.

Amelia's character is left open for your own interpretation to give you the choice to step into her shoes or just follow her story.

This informal, advisory journal was created to guide first time expecting parents through their pregnancy.

If you are interested in the development of Amelia's Journal, please visit this blog.

Not suitable for smartphones or Internet Explorer.

With special thanks to;
All the first time parents who shared their stories,
especially Laura O'Sullivan and Holly Hagley,
George Lawson the scriptwriter
and Neal White - University lecturer.

  • Is this you?

    You've just seen positive on the pregnancy test and you're finding it hard to get around the fact that it's really happening.

    Well guess what?
    It's happening!

    The journey might seem daunting but you'll be comforted to know that your companion Amelia and her partner Ryan are going through exactly the same thing.

    Just remember that though the journey for you starts here, for the baby inside you it already began three weeks ago.



Please, take a seat.

Congratulations Amelia, you're three weeks pregnant.

Now, I've dealt with many pregnancy cases so I understand this can be extremely daunting.

Please tell me of any concerns.


Is that all? Perfect.

Now I want to give a you a red book.
Don't ask me why its red, that's always been a mystery, but its a journal to record your journey through the pregnancy.
Take it with you to all your appoinments to keep track of your baby's progress.

And yes, it is a big change, you'll have your ups and downs, but know that it'll be worth it in the end.

Apart from 'good luck' that's all I have left for you. A midwife will be in contact with you soon.